Ghost Rider 2, being revealed

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ghost Rider coming soon moviesDo you remember the cool movie wherein Nicolas Cage act as a burning skeleton freak?? Yes that's right, there will be an upcoming movie which Ghost Rider 2. In an interview with Nicolas Cage for his upcoming Bangkok Dangerous, he actually slip about the sequel to last year's Columbia Pictures and Marvel release.Nicolas Cage said that the scene will be held at Europe having him go on motorcycle tour through Europe and he's connected with with the church. It has some kind of elements that are very much in the zeitgeist like "Da Vinci Code".

The 50 Hottest Female Olympians Of The 2008 Summer Olympics

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here's an article from "Sports Crunch" that really love the Olympics. They are getting excited about sports that they only think of once every four years, and they wish there were more events with non-stop nearly round the clock action for two solid weeks. But what they really love are all the incredibly fit women that grace our televisions every four years. So, because it’s what they do, we decided to make a list of our favorite 50 female athletes competing in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

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Prince Of Persia (Movie) Delayed To 2010

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Mike Newell-directed, Jake Gyllenhaal-starring Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time movie won't make it to theaters next year as planned. According to a report from Coming Soon, Disney has delayed the Hollywood adaption of the Ubisoft game to May 28, 2010.

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Upcoming Movie: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Thursday, May 8, 2008

coming soon moviesComing Soon Movies prouldly presents to you all the very awaited 6th book written by British author J.K. Rowling. Coming soon movies presents to you Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The plot here is taken when Harry is in his 6th year at Hogwarts. In this movie, Horace Slughorn will be first introduce as the new teacher at Hogwarts. Harry will also obtain a book of potions which used to belong to the mysterious Half Blood Prince. In the book of potions, Harry finds that the Half Blood Prince's ancient scribbles are written along the margins of almost every page that helps Harry to improve his potions work. Aside from obtain such book, Harry also starts to have private lessons with Professor Dumbledore. Harry will also learn Voldemort's dark secrets and hope that they could use these secrets to find a way to defeat the evil Voldemort.

It gets even more stressful for Harry this year with the suspicious actions of Draco Malfoy, who has been sneaking around the school. Harry assumes that this is the work of Voldemort so harry starts to find out exactly what Malfoy has been up to and end to it.

During this time, Harry and his friends are going through daily life. They are busy with their school works and in the game of Quidditch, Harry has been made captain of the team. Ron als found a new girlfriend named Lavender Brown, a perky Gryffindor student. Meanwhile, Harry is facing a dilemma of his own: he realizes that he is falling for ROn's sister Ginny Weasley.

This action-packed movie will make the audience stunned. SO, you guys should be waiting for this 6th episode of Harry Patter. This movie is directed by David Yates and will be release on November 21, 2008 in USA.

Astroboy 2009

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This movie will surely be a blast from the past. Coming Soon Movies present to you the creation of Japan’s God of Manga, Astro Boy 2009. Astro boy is once a television series that was first broadcasted in Japan from 1963 to 1966. The story revolves around the adventures of a robot boy. The former name of Astro boy was Shin Tetsuwan Atomu and later translated into Astroboy.

It tells the story of a young robot that is created by a brilliant scientist with the image of his lost son. Astroboy’s journey is to find acceptance in the human world and along the way discovers true friendship.

Igor 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another computer animated comedy film to be release this 17th of October. From the writer Chris McKenna, Weinstein Company presents Igor.In the world filled with Mad Scientists and Evil Inventions; Igor brings a new twist to the classic monster genrel.Igor is a talented hunch-backed lab assistant that has big dreams of becoming a Mad Scientist himself.


John Cusack ... Igor (voice)

Steve Buscemi ... Scamper (voice)

Jennifer Coolidge ... Jaclyn (voice)

Sean Hayes ... Brain (voice)

John Cleese ... Dr. Glickenstein (voice)

Eddie Izzard ... Dr. Schadenfreude (voice)

Molly Shannon ... Eva (voice)

Jay Leno ... King Malbert (voice)
Arsenio Hall ... Carl Cristall (voice)

James Lipton ... Himself

Paul Vogt ... Fly-headed Guy (voice)

Kung Fu Panda

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Another animated movie coming from the twisted imagination of Dreamworks Studio. Dreaworks Studio presents, Kung Fu Panda. From the voices of Jack Black as Po, Jakie Chan as Master Monkey, Dustin Hoffman as Shifu, Lucy Liu as Master Viper, Ian McShane as Tai Lung and Angelina Jollie as Master Tigress. The story is about Po the Panda, a waiter from the noodle restaurant who is a kung fu fanatic but does not have the disipline for kung fu fighting. In fact, he's characteristic appears to be the laziest of all the animals in ancient China. The problem arrose when a group of powerful enemies are at the gates and all hopes have been pinned on the prophesy naming Po as the "Chosen One" to save their nation. All the martial arts masters are going to need all their patience if they are going to turn this panda into a fighting machine before it's too late.